The Issues

  •  Issues  – Representative Jesse Topper is a fiscal and social conservative who  believes that limited government contributes to a robust private sector  and a stronger economy and stable families lead to greater educational  opportunities for children and a more peaceful society. 

  • Government spending  – Governments should be thoughtful stewards of the taxpayers’ money and  always take into account that many have worked hard for that money and  it should be spent wisely and only on what is necessary.     
  • Accountability  – Government officials must be accountable to the people they represent  and never lose sight for whom they work. That’s why Jesse has advocated  for transparency in state government and does not accept a state car or  per diems. He understands that his home is in the 78th  District and not in Harrisburg. He has gained the reputation of making  himself accessible to his constituents and always offering frank and  honest opinions when speaking to the issues that confront us as a state  and a nation. He believes in speaking the truth and not simply saying  what people in a particular venue wish to hear.    
  • Our Values – Jesse is pro-life and a strong supporter of the  Second Amendment.  He will continue to carry those values to Harrisburg  to protect the unborn and the rights of gun owners across our state.  

"I  will never forget my top priority is to represent the conservative  values that have made Central Pennsylvania great.  That's why I'll work  hard to protect taxpayers, promote good paying jobs, and preserve our  way of life." 
                                                  -Jesse Topper